Good as Gold

A hands-on exploration of the common marigold (Tagetes erectus, patula and Calendula officinalis) as a source of color, a tool for healing and a protector of the urban streetscape. We will highlight several variations of the plant, discovering its multitude of uses in the body, on cloth and as a companion in your home or garden. […]

The Upturned Table

A temporary restaurant by kids. Through a series of workshops, they’ve been invited to re-imagine the experience of a meal. Achieved through material and conceptual experiences that included dying fabric for napkins and tablecloth, making ceramic dishware and utensils, printing menus on risograph machines, inventing fluxus-inspired scores for eating, and creating dishes like burrito ravioli, and a potion […]


Suminigashi, or “floating ink,” is the process of marbling plain paper with water and ink to transform it into something vibrant and colorful. Is it marbling, or is it magic?! Students walk away with ideas about how to apply Suminigashi in their own practices and will create a marbled notebook. workshop at the Textile Arts […]

weaving in the woods

  How does a story come together? What are the nuances and layers of a path through the woods? How were your pants made? These questions, alongside many more that are generated in the process, will form the explorations of this domain. Using simple tools and big ideas, we will fashion our own looms, weaving […]

string theories

Exploring methods of making natural fibers and found materials. Large scale models are posited as a method to collaborate using ageless techniques like home-made spool knitters from wood and sticks, knotting, looping and braiding. strings & things workshop series at The Children’s Creativity Museum, 2013