Used as traditional remedies for common ailments, these plant-based formulas are produced in small batches that honor ancient and powerful sensibilities. Recent editions feature species harvested from the Brooklyn Botanic Garden, Sage Mountain in Central Vermont and wild regions throughout Northern California. Made with the sustainability and resilience of all species and living systems in mind. Order Online Contact us for more information about custom formulas.

The Upturned Table

A temporary restaurant by kids. Through a series of workshops, they’ve been invited to re-imagine the experience of a meal. Achieved through material and conceptual experiences that included dying fabric for napkins and tablecloth, making ceramic dishware and utensils, printing menus on risograph machines, inventing fluxus-inspired scores for eating, and creating dishes like burrito ravioli, and a potion […]


Girls Like Us _ ISSUE #07 _ BODY September 2015 02. Describe what you do in 5 lines. sometimes plan & prepare other times mitigate or mis-align mostly distill, unwind and unpack also lots of thinking about what it is that we’re doing 03. Could you send us a sketch / drawing / mapping your […]

404 not found / C’hu

essence mixture for Steam bath. Saturday 10 October – Saturday 7 November 2015 Open 8 am – 11 am & 6 pm – 9 pm, 7 days per week Last entry 30 minutes before session ends. The steam bath is mixed and open to everyone. Women only: Wednesday 8 am – 11 am & 6pm – […]


a series of journeys resulting in travelogues from trips far and wide, spanning the spaces in-between.

beauty salon

  Established under a division of the Feminist Economics Department, fema (forays and explorations in mitigating action) develops exercises defying capitalist structures & constructed ideals of ‘beauty’. perhaps we are trying to view beautification and modification ideals as a state of mind, rather than a state of body. fema provides access to unique consultation services, using imagery, object evaluation […]


Autonomously generated wind studies across low regions of America, including installations in, Savannah, GA, Marfa, Texas, the Mojave Desert and a wind farm in Bakersfield, CA, Summer 2013.

utopian gesture

Provision of services for patrons visiting the art center, obfuscating the use of the doorways as entrances and demarcating them as infinite ‘EXITS’. Featuring a LIVE Webcast and real time access to safety and security audits within the institution by way of modifying egress routes. fema at Yerba Buena Center for the Arts, a night of utopian gestures, March 2013.

healthcare package

  Why trust a system that has no relationship with your body, to take care of your body? Capitalism rules over health in America. Health matters are given a number, compartmentalized and passed off to third parties. Big data is collected on small bodies. Healthcare marketplaces depict the financialization of wellness. Pyramid-scheme campaigns, commercials, billboards […]


  Inflatable structure powered by conditioned air. a site for collective dialogue about resources and spaces, consistently deployed for interaction, performance and research. a space for  ___, part of everything is TEMP @ TEMP art space, 57 Walker Street, New York, Summer 2013.