The Upturned Table

A temporary restaurant by kids. Through a series of workshops, they’ve been invited to re-imagine the experience of a meal. Achieved through material and conceptual experiences that included dying fabric for napkins and tablecloth, making ceramic dishware and utensils, printing menus on risograph machines, inventing fluxus-inspired scores for eating, and creating dishes like burrito ravioli, and a potion […]


Learn an ancient craft using up, down and re-cycled materials like old sweaters, yesterday’s newspaper, sticks, cotton and picture frames. Employ techniques based on weaving methods used by people from 6,000 BC to today. Large-scale demos, make something take something & a rad zine. winter 2014 @ the San Francisco Youth Arts Summit    


In a day and age of media consumption overload, how do we take control of the tiny screens that live inside of our pockets? If we take tangible, physical social interactions for granted, we may begin to lose sight of the real work. Are movement, language, spirit part of your practice? How do we combine tools with peers to learn and teach? […]


Autonomously generated wind studies across low regions of America, including installations in, Savannah, GA, Marfa, Texas, the Mojave Desert and a wind farm in Bakersfield, CA, Summer 2013.

healthcare package

  Why trust a system that has no relationship with your body, to take care of your body? Capitalism rules over health in America. Health matters are given a number, compartmentalized and passed off to third parties. Big data is collected on small bodies. Healthcare marketplaces depict the financialization of wellness. Pyramid-scheme campaigns, commercials, billboards […]