S/team: neutrality and antagonism

Holding onto toxic feelings? Feeling ready to purge yourself from the cosmic chaos of yesteryear? Release your hot air. Hydrate anew. Perhaps a productive counterpart to anger is dialogue, taking time and making space. We believe in the radical re-imagination of our world, and with that we have to radically reimagine care for our bodies. […]

Good as Gold

A hands-on exploration of the common marigold (Tagetes erectus, patula and Calendula officinalis) as a source of color, a tool for healing and a protector of the urban streetscape. We will highlight several variations of the plant, discovering its multitude of uses in the body, on cloth and as a companion in your home or garden. […]

Tagetes Erectus

A window into the several varieties of the common marigold, a plant with ancient sacred roots in Aztec culture and powerful uses beyond its vibrant beauty. workshop at Brooklyn Workshop Gallery, October 30 2015.


What does it mean to be healthy? What is a tonic? How did people deal with “getting sick” before Advil & antibiotics? What are wild edibles? What’s an apothecary? We’ll ask questions and experiment with plants as food, medicines and tools. We’ll also talk about how folks throughout history have used plants to survive and […]


In a day and age of media consumption overload, how do we take control of the tiny screens that live inside of our pockets? If we take tangible, physical social interactions for granted, we may begin to lose sight of the real work. Are movement, language, spirit part of your practice? How do we combine tools with peers to learn and teach? […]