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A window into the several varieties of the common marigold, a plant with ancient sacred roots in Aztec culture and powerful uses beyond its vibrant beauty. workshop at Brooklyn Workshop Gallery, October 30 2015.


Suminigashi, or “floating ink,” is the process of marbling plain paper with water and ink to transform it into something vibrant and colorful. Is it marbling, or is it magic?! Students walk away with ideas about how to apply Suminigashi in their own practices and will create a marbled notebook. workshop at the Textile Arts […]


Girls Like Us _ ISSUE #07 _ BODY September 2015 02. Describe what you do in 5 lines. sometimes plan & prepare other times mitigate or mis-align mostly distill, unwind and unpack also lots of thinking about what it is that we’re doing 03. Could you send us a sketch / drawing / mapping your […]

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essence mixture for Steam bath. Saturday 10 October – Saturday 7 November 2015 Open 8 am – 11 am & 6 pm – 9 pm, 7 days per week Last entry 30 minutes before session ends. The steam bath is mixed and open to everyone. Women only: Wednesday 8 am – 11 am & 6pm – […]


Using inquiry based dérives, we will explore our attachment to destination and a clear path, willingly releasing ourselves and testing our thirst for the mysterious otherness ahead. We will look to the stories, patterns and folklore of those who have ventured into the vast ‘unknowns’ of their day, from (in)famous explorers to the forgotten adventurers […]


What does it mean to be healthy? What is a tonic? How did people deal with “getting sick” before Advil & antibiotics? What are wild edibles? What’s an apothecary? We’ll ask questions and experiment with plants as food, medicines and tools. We’ll also talk about how folks throughout history have used plants to survive and […]

weaving in the woods

  How does a story come together? What are the nuances and layers of a path through the woods? How were your pants made? These questions, alongside many more that are generated in the process, will form the explorations of this domain. Using simple tools and big ideas, we will fashion our own looms, weaving […]


  An exploration of different modes of learning by way of MOVEMENT, PRODUCTIVITY, PASSIVITY and REST. Can we take a walk with our eyes closed? Learn the basics of Tai Chi? Communicate without sound? Tie knots by speaking? Perform public failing? How do we communicate ideas about things we do not understand or know? @ BEAM […]