graphics ≠ design

A conceptual and practical think-tank tasking teenagers to meditate on the ethics of design. We explored a brief history of objects, branding and the ever-present visual strata we navigate in our daily lives. Students used books, websites, magazines and ephemera to seek modalities that embody personal ways of seeing, creating mood boards and channelling styles to tell visual stories. with the CITY teens @ the Children’s […]

beauty salon

  Established under a division of the Feminist Economics Department, fema (forays and explorations in mitigating action) develops exercises defying capitalist structures & constructed ideals of ‘beauty’. perhaps we are trying to view beautification and modification ideals as a state of mind, rather than a state of body. fema provides access to unique consultation services, using imagery, object evaluation […]

utopian gesture

Provision of services for patrons visiting the art center, obfuscating the use of the doorways as entrances and demarcating them as infinite ‘EXITS’. Featuring a LIVE Webcast and real time access to safety and security audits within the institution by way of modifying egress routes. fema at Yerba Buena Center for the Arts, a night of utopian gestures, March 2013.

string theories

Exploring methods of making natural fibers and found materials. Large scale models are posited as a method to collaborate using ageless techniques like home-made spool knitters from wood and sticks, knotting, looping and braiding. strings & things workshop series at The Children’s Creativity Museum, 2013


  Inflatable structure powered by conditioned air. a site for collective dialogue about resources and spaces, consistently deployed for interaction, performance and research. a space for  ___, part of everything is TEMP @ TEMP art space, 57 Walker Street, New York, Summer 2013.