healthcare package


Why trust a system that has no relationship with your body, to take care of your body? Capitalism rules over health in America. Health matters are given a number, compartmentalized and passed off to third parties. Big data is collected on small bodies. Healthcare marketplaces depict the financialization of wellness. Pyramid-scheme campaigns, commercials, billboards & magazine advertisements for weight loss & fitness encourage us to make an investment in the body as a productive machine & producer. The languages of commodity and capitalistic mentalities permeate our human cultures.

We offer full service packages for all bodies.

  • private consultation with collective member
  • guided plant walks
  • personalized plant based curriculum for self healing
  • creative alternatives to monetary exchanges for health transactions
  • house plant advice
  • seeds and garden supplies
  • suggested readings

fema alternative Health Care Package as part of KNOW/HOW 2014Royal NoneSuch Gallery, Oakland CA, Summer 2014.

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